Students speak!

Okay, actually, they speak all the time. It’s a much bigger challenge to get them to quiet down. However, we did manage to get them especially quiet for one afternoon in June, when they filled out end-of-the-year surveys. Here are some of their responses…

Poetry is…

I think it emotions

an intricate form of expression, an in-depth description of something/someone/a concept

one’s feelings, soul, their very being put into words

a way to let go of stress, talk about yourself in a secret way

something that comes from your heart

about expressing your life and feeling and showing your talents

fun to write

poetry is your inspiration on what you think about with rhythm and rap in it

a way to transcend how you feel you are able, speak your mind and make something wonderful

good and awesome because it is fun

a reflection of one’s inner being

a creative outlet of pent up emotions, a stress reliever, a hobby, a dream for some people

it was cool and I had my good and bad days


written or spoken words that come from the heart

Do you think Writing Club is important?

Yes, to help people with lower self-esteem.

It creates a safe but open community for kids to come express, learn, and grow.

Writing Club is important because it helps kids be themselves and not something people say they are.

it is important because it helps me understand poetry more

it involves school english I learned new words and brung it into english class

yes because it calms people down.

Yes. Because you get to know something.

Yes it is important because it embraces your choice of words and before in english class I never talked so much more proper. I really improved and my teacher even said to me I now have high grammar.

yes because it helps kids put their feelings out there make new friends and keeps them out the street

yes because you can become a famous writer

yes. Writing club is a creative avenue to self–the true and authentic sense of self

yes because not only does it keep us occupied but it gives us a chance to meet other people

Writing club is important for all of us. It’s a safe community of artists pushing and motivating each other to grow

Yes because it’s like a place I can call home


About dccww

Abbey Chung is the Program Manager for DCCWW. She started working for the Workshop in 2008 and can't imagine a better place to be. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2011 with a B.A. in creative writing. While at Oberlin she worked as a writing tutor at the Oberlin Writing Center and taught poetry at Langston Middle School. She is also a graduate of the Clarion West Writers' Workshop. Her fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons,, and The Susquehanna Review, and she is the winner of the 2012 Larry Neal First Prize for Fiction.

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