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Everybody meet Josh

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

To start off 2013, here’s a guest post by Josh, our fall intern, about his time at the Workshop. Josh is known around Room 9 3/4 for his (real) moustache, his knowledge of wrestling terminology, and his unique ability to enjoy The Eagles. Josh we are really sad that you have decided to gallivant around Europe next month; we will miss you a lot.

I Like It Here; That is an Understatement

By Josh Cohen


Also, Josh is one of the undead.

When I say working with the D.C Creative Writing Workshop (DCCWW) has been the most rewarding experience of my life, I mean that. I am not just looking to take over Abbey Chung’s job. (I am, but that’s not the point. Although I will take this opportunity to say that my first lesson last week went very well and a good time was had by all.)

If I say that DCCWW has been the most rewarding experience of my life, then I should probably give that context. I’ve never chained myself to a redwood in order to stop a logging company from destroying the habitat of some rare tree dwelling rodent. Nor have I ever used my blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu to foil a professional thief from stealing Yoyo Ma’s violin. (My instructor has, but you probably don’t want to hear that story.) I did once save my little brother from drowning in a river, but it didn’t impress my cousin Laura, the coolest person 10 year-old me knew, so it didn’t seem that great at the time.

I have worked with kids before. I taught archery at a camp in Montgomery County. It was fun. I volunteered at a day care. It was messy. The kids at Hart Middle School, however, have continued to impress me since I started there. Whether it is watching a child who speaks English as a second language begin to use similes and extended metaphors in his writing; or having a child who missed last week’s writing club come into our holiday party with poems she wrote to make up for lost time; or listening to a group of students aged 11 to 23 discuss racism in America, these kids continue to impress me.

It isn’t just the students who work hard and would excel anywhere who impress me, it’s the writing club as a whole. It is the high school students who come back to help out the younger students and continue to work on their own writing. It is the kids who I know are barely paying attention in regular school, working hard to perfect a poem. It is watching kids who probably never speak during the school day working side by side, trying to master the day’s exercise. It’s the fact that, despite being from the opposite side of the city, despite having very little in common with these kids, they accepted me into the family that is the Writing Club.

They accepted me into their family and let me teach them, and they taught me a thing or two as well. That is what I mean when I say working with the D.C Creative Writing Workshop has been the most rewarding experience of my life.